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Model for industry–academia cooperation and division of labor:


    The competition for 5G mobile communications technology has already begun. In the face of various large-scale 5G-based technological research conducted around the world, the Center must identify technologies that show great potential and promptly and effectively complete theoretical framework analyses, prototype system designs, and prototype system verifications for these technologies. The professional industry and the academia must work closely and divide their work effectively so that the professional industry can analyze global technical information and that the academia can develop new fundamental communication theories that facilitate technological breakthroughs. Next, the academia must provide needed support to the professional industry as it completes the prototype system design and verification process. Finally, the professional industry must introduce the 5G technologies to the rest of the world according to international standards. Major manufacturers have invested a considerable amount of R&D resources to developing mobile computing platforms, from the competition to build revolutionary application processors has begun. Therefore, determining methods for optimizing system software, development tools, and architectural design of application processors to achieve the best performance per watt in the processors as well as meeting the heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) standards will determine whether these products succeed or fail in the market. As one of the founding members of the HSA Foundation, MediaTek is highly informed of the latest technology standards. However, because of the immensity of the systems to be developed, the human resources invested by MediaTek are insufficient and it must engage in industry–academia cooperation to obtain assistance from outstanding Taiwanese researchers to expedite related technological development and intellectual property right applications. These efforts will enable it to become the leader in the building of revolutionary application processors.

Goal and Mission