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2017-10-15 Android Dynamic Framework: A System Behavior Management Platform 32 Browse
2017-10-15 Rapid Simulation Tool for Both Software and Hardware Performance Analysis and Evaluations on Heterogeneous Platforms 31 Browse
2017-09-15 Seeing and Hearing Too: Audio Representation for Video Captioning 30 Browse
2017-09-15 User Satisfaction-aware CPU-GPU Power Management for Interactive Applications on Smartphones 29 Browse
2017-07-15 Analog Baseband for 5G Transceiver 28 Browse
2017-07-15 Precoding-Based Waveforms for 5G New Radios Using GFDM Matrices 27 Browse
2017-05-30 Utilizing Both Neuron And Weight Sparsity in Deep Neural Networks 26 Browse
2017-04-30 Interference Management in Two‐Tier Heterogeneous Network 25 Browse
2017-03-15 On Egocentric Positioning of Drone 24 Browse
2017-02-15 Downlink Non-orthogonal Multiple Access with Interference Mitigation at the Transmitter 23 Browse