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[Symposium] 2017.05.16 AI Symposium
[Symposium] 2017.05.16 AI Symposium 2017/05/02
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<p class="normal" style="text-align: justify; margin-left: 24pt;"> <span lang="EN-US">    </span><span style="font-size: 16px;">Key technologies such as heterogeneous multi-core central processing units(CPU), graphics processor units (GPU), and multimedia as well as highly integrated systems on chip (SoC) with comprehensive mobile communication functions have made mobile phones thin and feature powerful functions. High mobile computing efficiency and powerful mobile communication functions became the core values of smart mobile devices, determining their competitiveness in the smart mobile device market. To meet the aforementioned technological challenges, MediaTek Inc. (hereafter referred to as MediaTek) and the National Taiwan University (NTU) founded the MediaTek-NTU Research Center(hereafter referred to as “the Center”) inside the NTU campus. </span></p> <p class="normal" style="margin-left: 24pt; text-align: justify;"> <span style="font-size: 16px;"><span lang="EN-US">     </span>The Center is responsible for various projects; the objective of the current project (hereafter referred to as “the Project.”) is to research and develop advanced technologies according to the development and trends of the various industries. The current focus of the Center is to research and develop handheld smart devices, in which the expertise of industry professionals as well as that of NTU students and professors is combined to develop advanced communication technologies (e.g., new versions of 4G standards or 5G communication) that create favorable user experience. This allows MediaTek and NTU to remain a global leader in the field of handheld mobile device-oriented technologies.</span></p>
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[Symposium] 2017.05.16 AI Symposium
[Symposium] 2017.05.16 AI Symp... 2017/05/02
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