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The Communication Systems SIG is responsible for exploring the communications and network technologies of prospective wireless network devices. The Communication Systems SIG primarily covers fields such as next-generation mobile communications (e.g., 5G), wireless object networks, wireless heterogeneous networks, small-cell cellular networks, and communications between wireless devices. The research topics include low error rate, high frequency spectrum usage efficiency, dynamic spectrum access, wireless transmission technology that support heterogeneous network access, small-cell communications, device-to-device communication, wireless network protocols for heterogeneous network communications, and energy-saving technologies. Contributions offered by the Communication Systems SIG include journal publications and acquisition of patents related to communications algorithms or network protocols, which will assist MediaTek improve its advanced wireless network technologies. The research content of the Communication Systems SIG is based on that assigned by MediaTek or the principal investigator, providing an opportunity for academic-created solutions to be used in practice.

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